Shabbat “at the limit”

This Shabbat I went to my friends in Yishuv Aday Ad, in the Shomron. The word settlement is really appropriate to the place, it feels small and new, pioneering like.  It is sort of like going to Walden Pond, but there are other people there too, but that is good. Thoreau did not go to be a hermit, just to be close to nature and have time to think and write.

The 148 bus was full and did not stop for me, but I got out there with hitch-hikes. Hitchhiking makes me feel connected to my people, can you imagine doing it in America? Got a hitch home Sat. night too.

You can see the stars well from there. And you can see for miles in each direction. Feels a bit like the moon at night. Strong winds, and on Fri. night, you could see massive lightning storms in the distance. The minyan there is at sunrise, also on Shabbat.


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