hey birdie

 I was davening the Amidah, in the Bet Yisrael synagogue in Yemin Moshe, one winter morning (12 Tevet 5770), when I noticed the outline of a bird on the tree branch outside.

It was around 6:38 am, just the time of the netz (sunrise) that day, and there were strong winds (it would rain the next day). I had just said “mashiv haruach V’moreed haGeshem”, which I repeated several times, when I noticed him, sitting there, swaying with the branch, out the window, with the Old City wall silhouetted behind him.

I did not recognize him, but I later identified him as a common kingfisher, using the bird guide I had in my knapsack.

He sat there for all my davening, till the last kaddish, and then he took off. No one saw him except me. I was waiting till the end of the prayers to point him out to others.

Photo courtesy of Elroyie David’s bird website.


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