Cleanliness committee

11 Adar Bet, 5774 Fast Day of Esther, Jerusalem

Earlier this week there was a meeting of the neighborhood cleanliness committee, a sub group of our local environment committee, chaired by our dear friend and local environmental hero, Amos Cividalli.

These meetings  sometimes frustrate me because we vent our concerns but do not always make progress on how to change anything. However, I felt this meeting was quite positive, both because we started on some actual projects, and because there was a good group of concerned residents, and it was encouraging to hear that others are bothered by the same things which bother me.

For example, one lady said she objected to our lamp poles becoming covered with notices and personal ads people stick up.

We talked a lot about garbage bins, and decided to map out the bins in the neighborhood, including problems. We divided the streets up among ourselves.

One lady talked about her efforts to teach people to throw their garbage in the bin and not on it. It seems to me that a volunteer standing by the bin for some hours with a city official alongside ready to give tickets would have a good educational effect.

Amos shared how when he was a kid here in Israel no one thought of picking up after their dog. And now, many dog owners understand they need to pick up. So there can be change!


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