Getting ready for Shmittah

21 Adar Bet, 5774, Jerusalem

We are now a little over a half year away from the beginning of Jewish Year 5775, which will be a Shmittah year. Shmittah is the seventh year of the the year year sabbatical cycle, in which we are not allowed to doing farming and planting.

In order to prepare for this year, my friend Dan Gordon, (see picture)


who I had the privilege to work for for over two years, is giving a training course for gardeners to help learn the laws and how to apply them in the gardens.  We met for the first time last week, at the beautiful campus of the Center for Halacha  and Agriculture, near the Jerusalem neighborhood of Har Nof. In a conference room that looks sort of like the White House Press Room, we began discussing issues of how to start getting the gardens ready, and how to explain these issues to our customers. For example, the tree pruning we are doing now is going to be for the next two years.






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