Back in town!

Rishon, 13th of Nisan 5774 Jerusalem

Back in Jerusalem! (This year in Jerusalem) After my 2 week excursion to Princeton, Wash DC, Mt. Holly and Seaside Park NJ, I am back in the hood here in Yerushalayim.  I missed having internet access and the ability to blog.

Washington DC, where I was most of the time, is a city of contrasts, like Jerusalem. There are neighborhoods you rather not go, and many wonderful things too. While we were getting gas for the U-haul truck, there was a young woman with tear drop tattoos standing by the cashier window. She was evidently “working” the corner. Very sad for me. A black fellow, high on drugs, was hugging the ATM station, and then begging this girl for money. In contrast to these human tragedies, many Washingtonians are very impressive and together people.

I got caught short of time coming back to NJ on Friday, and had to get off the road for Shabbos in Mt. Holly NJ, where I was taken in by a conservative-renewal type synagogue called Temple Har Zion. Meanwhile my parents had flown in from AZ. to see me and were at the shore waiting for me.

What adventures.









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