more cleanliness issues

16 Nisan 5774, Jerusalem Hol HaMoed Pesach

I remember one of the biblical period authors writing about how when Avraham Avinu came to the land of Canaan, there were various tribes living here, ranging from some advanced civilizations to some tribes who were almost still living in caves.

Well the more things change…

As I walk through my local park, I find, as often happens, families and groups who had picnics leave piles of trash, often stuffing large quantities into small bins which are intended for small items of trash. And then the crows come and pull items out, making a bigger mess. It hurts me that these Israelis, be they Jew or Arab, and in this park they are mostly Jews, can be such slobs. Of course many are not, but we see the results of the slobs. That they do not have the sense and dignity to bring their own trash bags, and throw out all their trash in a large appropriate bin. I want to knock them into shape. How can we teach them Torah if they lack derech eretz (civilized manners)? Torah is a level above derech eretz, and can only come when the derech eretz is there as a healthy basis. The same applies to the driving culture.

We need police coming around and reminding/teaching people how to behave like refined people. And first we have to teach the police, because they often leave their trash around too.

The same applies to how people throw things in bins. I still feel like I am in the so – called third world when I see someone come to a large trash bin and empty a smaller can into it by dumping the contents, with out a garbage bag. Things we took so much for granted in America are not understood by everyone here.

And all the notices stuck up on poles and bus stops and electric boxes. There is no awareness of a public sphere which is not yours to touch or pollute.

Unfortunately the city itself is setting this tone by filling the streets with more and more ads.

Thanks for listening, it makes me feel slightly better to express myself. Pesach cleaning inspires me to clean up the city too.



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