What I liked about Washington

Shishi, 18th Nisan, 5774 Jerusalem 3rd of Omer

As I said, I was in Washington DC for about a week at the beginning of the month. I want to share what I like about this city.

Well, first of all, it is pretty clean. Except for the rat problem. But the streets are pretty clean. And the subway, the Metro is clean. Makes you wonder why other cities’ train systems are so dingy. Union Station is a marvel. Like most developed cities, they have trash compactors in the buildings. People do not litter too much.

A major factor in making Washington nice is the building heights. They have a rule that buildings in the District can not be higher than the Capital Building. This translates into about 14 stories high. Wow, what a difference this makes in how the city feels! It makes it so much more of a human city. You can see the sky. The buildings are beautiful, but do not dwarf you. I ride my bike down a city street and I do not feel like an ant.

Across the Potomac River, in Alexandria, you have a common high rise skyline. This rule gives Washington dignity and character. I so much wish we could make a rule like this in Jerusalem.

Other things I liked:

The Trader Joe’s supermarket with one line leading to many cashiers.

The architecture.

The joggers.

The Lincoln Memorial, at night and at sunrise.


other issues:

There are always homeless people in DC. It is one of the places where people love to be homeless. I think it is something psychological, that people want to say, if this country is so great, why does it let me be homeless in its Capital? Personally, I don’t think cities should let people camp out permanently in their streets.  I think they should keep rounding them up and taking them to shelters outside the cities until they stop coming back. I know it is not that simple, but I just don’t think camping on a park bench is a civil right.

What is your opinion?



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