Why I liked Princeton, New Jersey

27 Nisan 5774 Jerusalem  12th day of Omer Count

I was in Princeton NJ earlier in the month for a few days. I’d like to share two positive things about it.

The first is not really unique to Princeton, but I will take the opportunity to pontificate on a subject close to my heart – trains. Princeton is easily accessible by train. I flew into Newark Airport, and from the terminal there is a tram to the train station.  From there I take a train to Princeton Junction, and then there is another small train which takes you into Princeton proper. So in two hours and for less than twenty dollars, I can get where I want to go. Fantastic. Looking forward to having it in Israel too some day.

Secondly, Princeton is a town after my own heart when it comes to signs. They have strict zoning laws about signs, and as a result their city looks beautiful. None of this neon garbage, each store sign has to be similar to the others, etc. Sorry I did not have a camera with me to show you. They even do not allow fast food places in their downtown area. So I heard from Jerusalem friends who lived there in the past. It is heartening to see how nice things can be when a city cares about its appearance. Let us all take a lesson.


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