More on the Rabin Episode

by Chanoch Ne’eman 16 Tishrei, 5775 Jerusalem

There is so much related to the Rabin Demise that we could talk about it for days, but let us just take our doses lightly – a few items at a time. We do not want to overdose, it is not healthy. (Believe me, I’ve done it too many times).

Remember all those bumper stickers back in the Rabin day? “Yes to Peace, No to Violence”. That was the theme of that Sat. night rally.

I have Leah Rabin’s book, both in Hebrew and English. I remember in 1997 when it came out, seeing it at the Book Fair in Binyanai Hauma and thinking, after skimming it a bit, “Wow, what a political smear-job.” Then, some 16 years later, I saw it on someone’s bookshelf and started reading it. I then realized what an important historical document it is. I recommend buying it to those interested in history.

I think Leah Rabin is one of the few characters from the Rabin Dying episode who spoke honestly, without changing her story, about what happened that night. That is probably because the poor lady was out of the loop, not being told or realizing what was going on, only it was her husband who ended up in the grave.

She writes on page 11 of her book, “The last time I saw Yitzchak before the guards toppled him, he looked fine.”

On page ten she tells of how, as she was being driven from the scene of the shooting, she kept asking the security guards what happened, and they kept saying, “It wasn’t real.” She asked “where is Yitzchak?” They said “in the other car.” “Where?” she asked. “Behind us”. “What car?” “We don’t know”.

Sound suspicious?

How about that fact that no one shoots Amir? They push him over to the wall like they are playing tag.

In photos you see Leah Rabin right by Rabin as they come down the steps. Why does she stay there on the steps as he approaches the car?

Convenient that he is shot right by the entrance to his car. If you had someone shot would you not seek a medical crew? There was an ambulance nearby. I once met someone who said he was on the ambulance staff and that their tires had been deflated.

Okay enough for one day. It is Sukkot, we need to be happy.


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