Seeking the truth about the Rabin episode

posted by Chanoch Ne’eman, 16 Tishrei, 5775 Jerusalem

In a few weeks we will be coming up on the nineteenth yearzeit of former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin. Nov 4th I believe, on the English calendar. Let us, in honor of it, seek to understand what happened there.

I have wanted to know what really went on there for a long time. I have even prayed about it, that Hashem should give me insight and clarity to see the truth admist all the obvious contradictions and doublespeak surrounding that night.

And you know, Hashem does hear prayer. Some time ago, shortly after I had been intensely praying for several days that Hashem should help me to know the truth about the assassination, I got a call asking me to come give an estimate for cutting down some tree branches. (I have a small gardening business). The fellow calling was the head of a vaad bayit for a building here in Jerusalem. How did he get my number? He saw my ad on the Janglo website. This was one of only two responses I ever got from that ad.

So I ended up doing the tree work for them there. In the course of the conversation, I mentioned I guess something about the Rabin Assassination, probably telling him about our Baka History Club, and how we were meeting to discuss the assassination. So he starts to tell me about his opinion about the assassination. Turns out he is a doctor who made aliyah from America many years ago. He worked in the Israeli army as a reserve force doctor, and as part of that he worked with another doctor who was a ballistics expert. They were involved in weapons training in the army, and wrote a report for the IDF about the dangers of fake bullets, which the IDF had been largely unaware of.

People can die from blank bullets, he told me. This is what he believes happened with Rabin, and what I now believe as well. The concussive shock wave caused by the blast, if directed to the appropriate dermatome, can cause respiratory arrest.

After looking into this assassination over the past 19 years, I believe, in broad strokes, something along these lines happened:

A fake assassination was planned. To demonize the right, etc., as happened in many other instances back then, as those of us who were here remember. A living and non bullet laden Rabin got into the car after Amir’s blank shots. Two minutes later he went into respiratory arrest. They did not know what was up. They stopped someplace, or drove around, trying to get him breathing. Unsuccessfully. At some point, I do not know if it was before or after (or both) they showed up at Ichalov Hospital, someone put some real bullets into him. These were presumably in the stomach and chest, as was announced on the night of the death.

The rest of the details, which will eventually fill several long books, will come out in the coming years and decades, as this episode is sorted out.

The medical explanation, in more detail, you can read here. Please overlook the doctor’s use of phrases like “idiots”, etc., that is just his personality, you know how some doctors are.


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