Why the Rabin Episode was hushed up…

posted by Chanoch Ne’eman 18 Tishri 5775 Jerusalem (c)

One of the questions which has troubled me for a long time about the Rabin Demise was: if indeed, as it seems, Rabin’s death was a fake assassination gone wrong, due to medical complications the Labor Party conspirators did not foresee (“Man proposes… And Hashem Disposes”), then why did not their political opponents, who they were trying to besmirch, not expose the plot post-facto? Surely the Right also has friends in the security establishment. They could not have been totally in the dark for long.

The whole Kemplar film, shown a month after the shooting, was probably part of this “negotiation” (a nice word for blackmail). After all, it was revealed that Roni Kemplar worked for the State Comptroller’s office, the office which investigates government corruption. He was made out to be some sort of amateur, who just by chance focused on Amir because he “seemed suspicious”. Kemplar was there to be able to call the bluff of the Left when they launched their “season” on the right after their phony assassination attempt.

The Labor Party did not talk about the assassination during the election that followed some months later. That was probably part of the agreement. Perhaps the leaders on the Right thought exposing the fake assassination attempt would be a hillul haShem on the world scene. Perhaps they wanted to keep something “useful” in their pocket for the future.

Personally, as my friends will suspect, I reject this type of judgement. It is similar, in my eyes, as saying I support a policy of “two states for two peoples”, when you really do not, but you want to appear “reasonable” in world circles, and you suspect/hope/are fairly certain that the Arabs will never be truly peaceful or trustworthy enough to give them that, so you can have your political cake and eat it too.

Not calling a spade a spade, ultimately, helps the spade to get blacker.

And what of Amir? He is waiting. When the political leaders who canned the truth are out of politics (The then head of Labor is already thank heavens), then he will get out. It will be about 25 years after the fact. See how he talks in interviews: In the beginning, rather than answering the reporter’s leading questions, he says, “Listen, there are much deeper questions here…” He also says it is comfortable for the Jewish section of the Shabak that he remains in solitary. And at the end, when the reporter asks how he will answer his child when he asks him, “Why did you do it Daddy?”, he answers, while being escorted out, “That will be a more genuine conversation.”


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