Iron Dummies

posted by Chanoch Ne’eman 22 Tishri 5775 Jerusalem (copyright)

Weapon Sales are one of the big temptations for the Modern State of Israel. I am trying to think of the appropriate mythological metaphor, (if anyone can help me out)? Something that turns on its creator, or rather can turn a blessing into a curse. The best metaphor I can conjure is the double edged sword, which I guess is appropriate, since we are talking about weapons.

On one hand, Israel needs to develop weapons, to not be too dependent on others totally. But once it develops them it has the temptation to sell them to others. Which it often does, on a grand scale.

Problem is, morally, that it is prohibited to sell weapons to Gentiles, who are suspected of using them for offence and not just defense. The Israeli Defense Forces, true to their name, exist to only defend our beloved land. But not every country is like that.

Israel tries to overcome this by only selling to nice Gentiles. But problems have occurred. As is known, Israel was a major supplier to Iran, during the Iran – Iraq War. Whoops.

Beyond this, there are other less obvious problems. Like having a conflict of interest, shall we say, with your own country’s security, when you would like to get a good live test of your missile defense, so you can sell it to others.

It is simply ridiculous that Israel has let Gaza shoot all types of things at us over the past fifteen years.

If we had deterrence worth the name, we would not need an Iron Dome, at least not against the stupid Gazans.

In the last war of this summer, two Israelis were killed by missiles, and 15 by mortars, which Iron Dome does not deal with.

Plain old fashioned mortars, like we play with in the army all the time.



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