self respect – exile the families

posted by Chanoch Ne’eman 4 Heshvan 5775 Jerusalem (c)

When an Arab attacks a Jew, his family should be exiled.

This is both deterrence and punishment.

I am crying over our recent murdered sisters, the young baby and the precious young woman killed by the driver in Jerusalem last week.

What do you know? — He, the driver, was the nephew of a big terrorist. Too bad we let him hang around in Israel these past fifteen years since his uncle was killed, so he could grow up and take away two of our precious, precious sisters.

The murderers of the family in Itamar were also relatives of terrorists.

I am sure these are not isolated instances.

The 21 year old precious Jewish woman was some six years in the country. She came from South America, and she became an observant Jewess. She had to undergo a conversion. I also underwent a conversion, since my Mother had converted to Judaism under non-strict auspices. What a brave and holy journey this young woman took; to come to a far away land as a young teenager, to work hard to convert. That she was torn away from us is this horrible way tears my heart out.

I never want this to happen again. I don’t want the nephew of this terrorist to grow up and hurt more of my beloved people.

Please Hashem, help us to have the wisdom to protect ourselves!

I pray Hashem helps me to work for this – the exile of the families of terrorists.

Currently we do this ridiculous thing of sealing or destroying the terrorist’s home.

My friends, this is not deterrence. This is not protecting our citizens. This is not self respect.

You say it is not fair to the family? Maybe not, but deterrence is more important. And in most cases it is fair, because the family supports them.

The family of the terrorist who overturned a bus and killed a Jewish man some months ago, is now suing saying it was an accident and he should not have been shot.

My friends, this is not deterrence, this is mockery and derision of us.

Let’s get a life, my friends and brothers.

Who would like to help work for the exile of terrorists’ families?


3 Responses to “self respect – exile the families”

  1. Sarah M Says:

    I understand the frustration at not being able to stop these people before they commit their acts of terror especially as they originate from within Israel. The challenges come when the terrorists and their families are Israeli citizens because the question arises where do we exile them to? No other country is likely to take them and many would condemn Israel for human right violations as a result. Besides frequently the families are not involved in terrorism; they have one or two bad eggs within the basket. In America I have seen the families of mass murderers thrust into the spotlight forced to grapple publically with love for the family member they lost in the incidents and knowledge that the person they loved and lost killed so many people and caused the pain and anguish of so many especially when it is a child that committed the acts. To tell these families they are no longer welcome in America would cause them to hate America for casting them out when they had done no wrong. On a personal level my father was a nasty, abusive man. Should I be cast out because I am the daughter of an abusive man who hurt many people? He hurt me the most. If so then I would be hurt by him and hurt by those who would cast me out. Where is the justice in that?

    • Hanoch Ne'eman Says:

      I fully hear and appreciate your argument, but I would defend my stance thus: One, evidence shows that terrorist’s relatives tend to also become terrorists. Two, even if they do not, we, as a nation, have a right to protect ourselves from that strong possibility. Third, there are many nice places in the world to live except Israel, it is not the end of the world to be forced to relocate. As to who will take them, good question. And if no one wants to take them, perhaps they should be in prison until some kind nation agrees to take them.

      On Tue, Nov 25, 2014 at 11:49 PM, wrote:


    • Hanoch Ne'eman Says:

      Here is an idea:

      Put them on a plane with a one way ticket somewhere: and let them deal with it at the other end. Here are some suggested countries to export terrorists to:

      Germany, Russia, China, Dubai.

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