Life on the Boardwalk

Chanoch Ne’eman 13 Heshvan 5775 New Jersey by the Sea (c)

This morning, in the mild rain, I walked down to the ocean. Two fishermen were working the surf. The seabirds were on duty as well. They sit in little groups, small and mid size species together, the largest gulls sit separately. They have their beaks out to sea, into the wind. Occasionally one of them decides, like a jet cleared for takeoff, to open its wings, flap forward, and go airborne over the water, like at JFK airport. Then they veer north or south along the beach. I guess they are looking for fish. Some flocks of birds also fly down the coast in interesting formations. It seems that they keep closer to the water when the wind is higher.

After getting my feet wet in the surf, I walk back up to the boardwalk. I wash the sand and salt off my feet in a puddle in the street. I then had a very enjoyable stretching and exercise session under the pergola near the beach entrance, with the rain falling without.

So nice to be close to nature here. And without the traffic I live near in Jerusalem. And without all the ugly signs and bright lights. Just tasteful homes, modest commercial enterprises, the sea, the sand, the wind. Fills me with inspiration to “clean up” Jerusalem when I get back there.

And what is happening in Jerusalem? More terrorist attacks. Help us Hashem, to clean up the terrorists too.


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