more wet clothing

Hanoch Ne’eman 21 Heshvan 5775 Yerushalayim (c)

Am I not in mourning? I am. And I am glad that I feel that way, meaning, I am glad I am not indifferent. I am glad I have a heart of flesh and I feel like I have been bereaved, even though I never met the dear Jews and others who were killed recently by terrorists.

When I first get back, I always have all types of things I want to change. I want to redo my shelves, my bathroom, I am gun-ho on change.

There are, temporarily, more police in Jerusalem. Thanks. Does putting on more wet clothing help one get warm? Today I saw a novelty near my home — two cops on foot! A white man and a black woman. They looked so uneasy and exposed. I guess they ran out of cars to give them. As you know, I am in favor of police on foot. But it won’t last long. It is just the pathetic attempt to appear to be “doing something” which has prompted this upsurge in the Jerusalem force by a few hundred. It would have been far more beneficial to the public to have not released the hundreds of terrorists we did than to put a few more police around for a while after those terrorists and their relatives murder us. As is known, it is impossible to put police on every corner. Only deterrence can make us safe.


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