Mikveh of Sleep

Hanoch Ne’eman 24 Heshvan 5775 Yer. (c)

My sleep patterns have been somewhat odd since I got back. Waking up at night, konking out during the day. Hope to even out soon.

Sometimes sleep can be like a mikveh. It’s a mini-death and then rebirth. That is likely why depressed people often sleep a lot. When we are in a situation we do not like, we seek to escape it.

As is known, the Rambam in his health advice said not to sleep during the day. That is good advice I think, but sometimes the urge to jump into that mikveh is really strong. A big meal will tend to help urge you more. This urge is best resisted, but today I did not manage to resist it.


One Response to “Mikveh of Sleep”

  1. Sarah M Says:

    I find that flying back to the US is harder on my daily rhythm than flying away. Although the odd hours we have to keep even when flying in the same time zone can be challenging. My recent trip to Maine had me leaving the hotel at 3am on Sunday to return home. I usually find that eating on the plane helps me pass the time and stay awake (I know it doesn’t help you) but then eating very light when I get to my destination but drinking lots of water help me tough it out and go to bed at the right time in the destination time zone. If I nap during the day I will be out of sorts for days.

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