Shani, 9 Kislev, 5775 Jerusalem Hanoch Ne’eman (c)

As a divorcee, I am looking for a shidduch (match). A talented young jewish woman had a blog called Bad For Shidduchim which I enjoyed for several of the years of its existence, and in which she would write about various aspects of the partner seeking enterprise. I will try, for now, just one post.

There are, in the religious Jewish world, some good websites to help people meet. I was on one of them for some time, on and off, and it did help me meet some interesting people. The best sites, I believe, use a combination of search engines and real matchmakers to suggest for you ideas.

Nevertheless, I am currently off that site. Why?

Well, a few reasons. One, perhaps, which I always question myself about, is that I don’t want to be relying on that source to find me a shidduch. Like Yosef with the Butler, in the dungeon, you know. I want to feel that I have to get out there and take my own proactive action.

I know, signing up on the site is like action.

But… maybe I am afraid of … success. Not of getting married, but of getting married through a website. That is not really how I want to do it. That is so … commercial.

Listen, any way is legitimate. Hashem has many messengers. The main thing is to keep at both the prayer and effort, as each person feels is right for them.

You can be on a dozen websites, but if you are not ready, won’t help much.

When you get yourself ready, the match will come. Hashem has many winding ways to bring you together, He is not dependent on websites.

Any stories anyone would like to share?


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