a cold winter

Chanoch Ne’eman 21 Tevet 5775 Jerusalem (c)

selected observations

Oh yeah, I am wearing my long johns, wool socks, hat and gloves these days. Letting my kitchen sink drip at night so my solar heater does not freeze. But it is really not that cold. Just Israel style cold. Which highlights what kindness we enjoy here in Israel, having a wonderful climate which is neither too hot or cold.

Yesterday I saw a young man walking up Eliezer HaModai St., wearing one of those russian style hats, with the flappy ears hanging down and bouncing with his gait, as he noshed on a sub sandwich wrapped in paper. I was reminded of our Sages adage that one who eats in the marketplace is like a dog, and I thought wow- this fellow even has the ears to match. Rabbi Feuer, when we learned with him in Sharei Chesed, was very particular about that, even taking to task those who were walking with a drink in hand in the street. Listen, it’s the little things which add up.

Sunday PM Netanyahu visited Paris to participate in the Silent March. All together ... World leaders join the crowds in Paris. Picture: AFPOne of the statements he and others made there was – If you come to Israel, you will be received with open arms. I fully agree with the sentiment, but I think that after attacks is not the best time for it. First of all, if one wants to avoid attacks, we truthfully probably have more here! But at least here, we have the pride of having the ineffectual Israeli Police not defend us, as opposed to the ineffectual French Police.

That having been said, I do not want to fail to commend our PM for his tremendous personal courage, his physical courage, which he has shown throughout his life, in going to Paris and appearing in public there. Even if I don’t agree with how he handles certain things, I must admire him for that. Because indeed, the Paris Police are not worth too many beans, and he was exposed. You can see in the videos he was nervous, and with good reason. Kal HaKavod Mr. Netanyahu.




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