Letter to Israeli Ambassador to America

Chanoch Ne’eman 21 Tevet 5775 Jerusalem (c)

Here is a letter I sent a few weeks ago to our dear Ambassador to America, someone I respect. (I only send letters to people I respect).


To the Honorable Ambassador to America, and his worthy staff:

You folks are doing a wonderful job it seems, keep up the good work.

I would like to briefly voice my criticism over one statement the Ambassador said this summer.

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, in July 2014, The Ambassador responded to a question by saying, “The policy of the Government of Israel is that the solution is two states for two peoples, where a demilitarized Palestinian State recognizes the Jewish State of Israel.”

My main problem, apart from my objection to this policy, is that the ambassador said “The policy of the Government of Israel”. I do not think that is the best way to put it, especially to an American audience. In America, I believe, if someone says “Government”, they think Congress. If they say “the Administration”, they mean the President, as you well know. The Ambassador saying “Government” gives the impression, I believe, that the Legislature has endorsed that policy. I assume what you mean is the Prime Minister. I personally would appreciate it if the Ambassador could be more exact. If you disagree with my assessment, I would be happy to hear why.

On a larger level, I think that policy is wrong. And if you just say it to look clean, when you do not think it would happen, then you are duplicitous, and duplicity should be reserved for appropriate circumstances, and not used as routine policy.

May Hashem bless you and all your worthy efforts.

Respectfully Yours,

Chanoch Ne’eman



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