You Sustain All

13 Shevat 5775 Yerushalayim, Chanoch Ne’eman (c)

On the Abundance Mentality, and the Abundance Reality

I do not own a car, and in the city I live, do not miss it. Actually I often feel sorry for the drivers as I walk passed their jammed in traffic cars. But I am still aware, as I assume most of you are, that oil and gasoline prices have gone down significantly in recent months. Many people are shocked by this. They thought those prices just go up!

This presents an excellent opportunity to educate people about a misunderstood reality about natural resources. Many people think that natural resources are becoming more scarce. This is conventional wisdom, common sense. But as a famous scientist once said, “Common Sense is the set of prejudices one has acquired by age eighteen.” This particular conventional wisdom does not hold water.

The truth is natural resources become less scarce, not more, in the long term. This was made manifest to me in a wonderful book I discovered in the Yeshiva University Library over twenty two years ago, called The Ultimate Resource, by the great economist, Julian L. Simon, of blessed memory.  I now own that and two other books by Simon, The Economic Consequences of Immigration, and a collection of studies called The State of Humanity.

The beautiful reality is, that in this universe Hashem created, there is practically limitless energy supplies, and as Hashem helps us to develop new technologies and resources, the prices of natural resources will, as they have for past centuries, continue to go down over the long term.

This is also the sentiment we express with thanks in our Grace after meals, where we say thank you to Hashem who Sustains all, Who was good, is good, and will be good to us forever.

The abundance mentality – try it. It is not only economically sound, it is mentally healthy.



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