gonna try with a little help from my friends

20 Shevat 5775 Hanoch Ne’eman Yer.(c)


On The Congress talk – So VP Joe Biden says he may not attend PM Net’s Speech before Congress. That’s fine. I think there would be a lot less hallaboo about the speech if people understood more how The US gov works and what a speech to Congress is. Allow me to help provide that service.

First of all, you have to know, and really internalize, that the Am. system was designed to spread out political power among different classes and groups. The Congress is a distinct nexus of power, as is the White House. Within the Congress, power is divided between the Senate and House. The Senate can represent more wealthy established interests, so that the poor don’t take away everything from the rich, and the House can give everyone a say. These are just examples, not exhaustive treatments obviously.

As I wrote on the Times of Israel blog, it is wise and prudent to speak to Congress, even if the President does not like it. What do we have to lose? The President has been hostile and unhelpful to us for six years, why should we not seek help where we have friends?

Secondly, what does it mean to address Congress? It simply means that the House leadership has seen fit to invite a public figure to address those members of Congress who want to come. It is not like the President’s State of the Union Address where everyone comes. If you notice, most of Netanyahu’s previous talks to Congress, if not all of them, were held in the Senate Chamber, the smaller of the two houses, and it was not packed. Congress is not in session for that hour, so members can come if they want, or they can go play tennis or go fishing, or work on some legislation in their office if they want to.

Let us work with our friends. Iran is not a joke. When Haman decreed death to the Jews on the 14th of Adar, Mordechai sat in sackcloth in the King’s Gate, where the courtiers come and go, (Similar to the Congress), in order to enlist support among potential friends. That Netanyahu and Dermer are catching flack for this move, is a sign they are on track, Moses and Aharon also caught flack from the Hebrews when they first went to Pharaoh, and he increased their burdens. Hashem Helps those who help themselves as much as they can.



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