no annihilation w/o representation

26 Shevat 5775 Chanoch Ne’eman, Jerusalem

Do you believe that if we, the Israeli people, were living the way we really should, we would not have these loser Iranians trying to make nuclear bombs to hurt us? I think that is so. But, on a surface level, as is known, antisemitism has nothing to do with the Jews. It has to do with political powers using Jew hatred as a political force.

I often think about our soldiers who were killed and wounded fighting in Gaza this summer. I am hurt, sad, angry, we sent them in on the ground. I don’t take their lives lightly, as I don’t take my own life lightly. I don’t have any lives to throw away. I see people living, many of them living their dopey lives, thank goodness, but I am jealous for the dead, jealous of life for them, I wish they had life too. I am still upset we just didn’t bomb the hell out of them, the Gazans. Not going in on the ground, just bombing the hell out of them. That, in an analogous situation, would have been a self-respecting American response. I wish Israel was more self-respecting. There are things which are difficult about living in a Jewish country.

And I miss the poor girl who was killed by the Arab driving his car into a crowd of people in French Hill, the girl who discovered her Jewish roots and came here and converted. Taken from us by a lunatic. And the young woman from Tekoa  who was killed at the Gush Junction by another animal. And the men praying in Har Nof. These are my brothers and sisters.

A few years ago I rode my bicycle through the E. Jerusalem Arab neighborhood where the two young cousins who attacked the house of prayer in Har Nof were from. Some young kids threw rocks at me. Other teenagers, who looked a lot like the pictures of the attackers, told me to get out. Why are the Police not in these neighborhoods? Why do they not have undercover police riding bikes thru there and arresting the Arabs who harass them?

Back to the Army. How can we ensure our brothers’ lives are not treated lightly?

Two suggestions. One, we have to better democratize our army. We have to have more people, including the soldiers themselves, involved in planning strategy. The big picture, including all the threats, options, and considerations should be explained. People should have the chance to agree or disagree with the assessments they are being asked to risk their lives for.

Secondly, like in the schools we have a PTA – Parent Teacher’s Association which addresses the children’s education, we need a PGA; not a Pro. Golf Association, but a Parent Generals’ Association. Let the parents have a say in what missions their sons are sent on. I believe the Israeli People are wise and brave enough that they will agree to the  missions which are truly vital and unavoidable. But they will also perhaps help nix foolish plans which are being pushed for stupid political reasons.

Hey, this is modern Israel, not Napoleonic France.



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