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Fast of Esther, 13th of Adar, 5775 Jerusalem, Chanoch Ne’eman – Journal Entries

Speech to Congress

Yesterday our Prime Minister nailed a great speech on Iran to the US Congress. Gave it like a champ. If you have not heard it yet I suggest you do. Rep. Nancy Pelosi said on herself that she was “near tears” for most of the speech, not because she liked it but because it was an insult to the US’s intelligence. That is a sign he said the right things. Yes, the nuclear deal is not intelligent, and G-d bless all the Congresspeople who recognize that and gave the PM 26 standing ovations!

Culture Budgets

I was somewhat shocked by a recent mailing from my local community center. Among the fliers for upcoming cultural events was one for yesterday, called “The Black and White Show”(see link). It is billed as a sort of circus act, featuring acrobatics and other artistic displays. It features some immodestly dressed white blond women, and some muscular black men. I kid you not. Hey why not have the elephant man too, and where’s the Fat Woman? Those were good circus crowd-pleasers of yesteryear. Only in Israel would they get away with this stuff. The “white and black show”? Hello.

Since this is not a private entertainment event, but a event sponsored by a city funded community center, it means our city taxes are helping to pay for it. Another example of why cultural events should not be sponsored by the city, or at least showing the need to have an approval committee.


And speaking of costumes, yesterday I photographed a girl on her way to school in a very creative costume. I photographed her for my Mom, who is a hot air balloon enthusiast.

balloon girl 5775




Happy Purim!!

 from Yerushalayim





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