Seder night on the horizon

Ohr to 10th of Nisan, 5775 Jerusalem Chanoch Ne’eman

It’s now late Sunday night, and Passover starts Friday night. The supermarket is selling many matzos and macaroons, though I have not bought yet. As always happens at this time of year, heaps of garbage appear on the streets as people clean out their homes. Maybe that is another meaning of Passover; you have to jump over the garbage piles. But the real heroes are those who clean the garbage from their hearts.

matzo matzoh pronunciation mat suh notes this cracker is served during ...

Matzo. Bread of Freedom. Freedom to be ourselves. To create what we are moved to create, without anyone dictating to us what that is. It is a simple bread. Simplicity is the essence of freedom. The beginning of freedom. Matzo is about simplifying your life so you can begin to hear what your soul has to say. It is about purifying the imagination. About freeing the soul to speak.

Also speaking about the maror – the bitterness we have gone through. Speaking about it, so it does not traumatize us. Speaking about it, so we can learn from it. Am Yisrael is still in trauma from the Exile. But we are slowing coming home and healing. Israel is one big sick asylum where we are recovering.

Five days to go! Get Ready.



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