birthday, matzos, and me

17 th of Nisan 5775

Today is my 45th birthday, on the Gregorian calendar. I would like to thank my dear parents for having me 45 years ago, and for all their kindness since then. One can fit a lot of mistakes into 45 years, but I hope I can learn from them all and make each new day better than the one before. Birthday blessings from me to you.

Seder Night

On Passover eve, I attended a lovely seder here in Katamon. It was made up of singles, and was very lively, interesting , and filled with a lot of good discussion. All the respect to Miriam Lorberbaum for making the seder. The time flew by and I got home around 5:20 am.

The next day, Miriam also put on a great meal in the afternoon. After havdala, I stayed around to help with dishes. I davened the evening service alone later in the evening. Tonight, when they counted the second day of the Omer, I realized I had forgotten to bless the night before. A new record for me!! Did not manage to bless on the Omer even once! Oh well, I am glad at least that the reason I missed it on the day of “Hesed of Hesed” (kindness of kindness) is that I was doing hesed.



One Response to “birthday, matzos, and me”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Happy birthday! I’m glad you had such a great time

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