Funeral of Shalom Yochai Sharki

27 Nisan 5775 Chanoch Ne’eman, Yerushalayim
Inline image 1

 (the funeral today in Har Menuchot) photo:
Chanoch Ne’eman
Today in Jerusalem was the funeral of Shalom Yochai Sharki. Shalom was hit last night by a car driven into a bus stop in French Hill. The driver was an Arab Israeli. Also hit and in critical condition is a 20 year old Jewish woman; please pray for Shira Bat Eidel Ada.
Shalom Cherki
Shalom Sharki
Shalom was 26 years old, and it seems he may have been on a date with the young woman who is also injured. I did not know Shalom myself, but he is the son of Rabbi Uri Sharki, our dear teacher who is the head of the Israeli Dept. in Machon Meir, where I was privileged to study for four years.
I got to the cemetery already after the public eulogies. Crowds of people were walking up the hill to Givat Shaul.

 Shalom dancing
Rav Sharki, in his eulogy, called his son a Talmid Chacham, (Torah scholar), and an elevated soul, murdered by people who are the lowest of the low, and who have no conception of the loftiness of those they attack.
Rabbi Sharki is a prominent teacher of the Torah of Rav Kook, as well as involved in the Noachide movement.
Though hundreds of people continued to escort the funeral to the grave (see photo), the family requested that the actual burial should be restricted to family members.
May Hashem give comfort to Rabbi Uri and Rabbanit Ronit Sharki, their family, and all Am Yisrael.


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