Rain in Jerusalem

by Chanoch Ne’eman
27 Nisan 5775
Wow, lots of rain last night here in the mountain city of Jerusalem. I closed my shutters at night, to block the wind and also that they should get washed off! A big storm came through, and it sounded more like a storm in the Catskill Mountains than the Middle East. My upstairs neighbor Moshe, the one with the expensive pet snakes, was up from 2 am photographing the storm. He is also a weather expert, and told me the storm included a rare cloud called a supercell, which storm-chasers around the  world love to follow and observe. He himself saw the spout on it. (Photo is not from Jerusalem).
 Image result for supercell cloud
The storm also included marble sized hail. It was a kindness of Hashem that it fell all at night when most people were home. By the time the sun rose it had moved on, towards the the Judean Plain, Bet Guvrin, Moshe said.
As I walked down the stairwell in my building to go to morning prayers, I splashed in water coming out from one of the apartments which was flooded from its balcony. When I got to shul the men were squeegeeing and rolling up the wet carpets because water had flooded in the door. We were joined by men from another minyan whose shul was unusable from rain. The nearby Ashkenazi shul also had to move upstairs to their main sanctuary.
Outside in the street, there was a big hole in the sidewalk where the new intersection indicators for the blind had caved in, the sand below it being washed out.

Inline image 1

As a gardener, I am happy to see the rain.


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