5th Tammuz 5775 Jerusalem

On Friday two of our precious brothers were shot while visiting near Dolev on a Friday outing. What is the response?

Is the response the same as it would be if the roles were reversed – if the attacker was a Jew and the attacked Arabs? As is well known, the GSS spends a lot of time and energy in sting operations against Jews, like dressing up as Arabs and approaching Jewish settlements. Do they, are they, doing similar sting operations to catch Arab terrorists? Are they “dressing up” as Jews and driving through Arab areas? If not, why not?

And here in Jerusalem, last night, as I walked home near the end of Emek Refaim Street, four Arab youth careened dangerously in their car around the corner as they sneered at Jewish pedestrians. They know that even in the middle of our cities, let alone out in the territories, the Police are nowhere to be found.

Nowhere to be found.

Nowhere to be found.

Despite their fancy equipment.



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