Sexuality Management

8 Tammuz 5775 Jerusalem

I pray on weekday mornings in a shul which sits along the Jerusalem Railway Park Promenade. As I emerge after prayers, there are usually joggers plying the rail-path. Many are women, often dressed in their shorts, spandex, etc.

Dressing is a responsibility. No man is an island. Our body images affect others. As the psychologists tell us, all people, including children, have sexual feelings. These feelings are affected by what we see. Seeing someone’s body can arouse sexual feelings. That is normal, healthy functioning. In fact, those who are not affected by seeing the body form of someone of the opposite gender are less healthy. The problem is that sexuality, like nuclear energy, needs to be properly contained and channeled. To to that, we need to dress properly.

Tights are accepted daily wear for many women and girls. Interesting that in most serious jobs, this is not tolerated. There is an awareness that this is a distraction, and that it is a lack of immaturity.

When a woman or man jog in the park, they are not invisible either. Mature, refined people recognize this and dress appropriately.



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