The Feiglin Legacy

9th Tammuz 5775

On the political legacy of Israeli politician Moshe Feiglin, may he live and be well.

I want to write a little about the public activities and political career over the past twenty years of a fine Israeli, Mr. Moshe Feiglin.


During Rabin government (1992 to 1995), starts protest movement against Oslo policies. Hounded by government in long trial, designed to intimidate opposition to government policies.

Eventually starts working in Likud, hoping to go to Knesset and if possible take over leadership of Likud. Signs up many people for Likud, including me. Helps get other religious and nationalistic candidates into Knesset by encouraging his faction followers to vote for them in primaries.

Netanyahu does all sorts of party tricks to keep Feiglin out of Knesset. Eventually Feiglin becomes Knesset member. Serves for about two years until new elections are called in which he does not place high enough on list to return to Knesset.

Positive traits and achievements:    Started excellent protest movement. Great teacher about civil disobedience, how to do it, and the right to do it. Something Yitzhak Rabin had no clue about, and no wish for anyone to learn about.

Negative traits and actions:   Non-friendly and perhaps naive approach of trying to take over a party. Setting himself up for Party Leader without much leadership experience. Foolish election slogan of “Moshe Feiglin – because he has G-d”.

Legacy:  Zu Artzenu, Feiglin’s grassroots organization,  drove Rabin so bonkers, rightly so, that he agreed it seems to the fake assassination attempt which was supposed to de-legitimize all opposition. The fake assassination goes awry when Rabin goes into pulmonary arrest from the shock waves of the black bullets. Dies. So indirectly, as The Lord’s sense of humor would have it, Feiglin has a large role in the demise of Rabin.

Future:  I believe Mr. Feiglin has a tremendous amount to contribute to Israeli society. I believe he may be able to contribute most as an educator and media personality. He is a great writer, and also a public debater. Having a news show where he hosts various guests can do a great deal to educate Israelis about real democracy.

I most identified with his position this summer with regard to the war in Gaza. He said tell all the residents to flee to a refuge in Sinai, and then bomb the Hamas terrorists like crazy. I think he said turning off the electricity too. This was good policy in my opinion.



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