Two State Solution? Americans say: “Been there”

19 Tammuz, 5775 Jerusalem

There are those, including American officials, who urge a two-state solution on Israel. Meaning, give up sovereignty and ownership of part of your country in order to allow a new Arab State to be created therein.

Ironically, there were many Americans who proposed a two-state solution for America itself when it encountered differences of opinion about what the nature of the country should be.

Some of those who tried to effect this “solution” included:

Jefferson Davis

Robert E. Lee

T.J. Stonewall Jackson

and J.E.B. Stuart

Well known Americans who opposed this solution, insisting instead that the two state people had no right to weaken the existing country by setting up a Roman-style Slave Empire in part of it, included:

Abraham Lincoln (he was not Jewish despite his Jewish name)

Ulysses Grant (surprisingly he was not Jewish either, though he is buried on the Upper West Side).

George Mclellan (not too many Jews are named Mc-something)

William Sherman

As our Sages said, “Every generation and its leaders.” God bless all the one state leaders, of yesterday and today.



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