New York

29 of Tammuz, 5775  New Jersey

Yesterday I got into that island called Manhattan, I like places with Native American names. It was my first visit there in two years. Here are some of my observations.

First of all, the cars really looked redundant. I don’t know why they let them in there. Nor do I know why anyone wants to take them in there, paying $14 to go through the Lincoln Tunnel. We took the bus in.

You have those city streets with their rivers of traffic flowing down them. Walking, bicycles, buses and trains should be enough. And of course their are the cabs. And there is the commercialization of women, for example on the roof mounted ads of many taxis, advertising “Gentlemen’s Club” with the street address and a picture of a woman. It would be just as offensive if it were for a “Ladies’ Club” with a picture of a man. Neither of them are either gentlemen or ladies, rather they should say “Low-life’s Club”.

These ads do not have to be legal. It is a testament to the moral weakness of the society that they are allowed. Another disgusting thing I saw was an establishment called “Killing Bar”, with a drawing of a dagger; evidently it was some kind of horror show or murder theme bar. I would not allow it in my City.

And then there are all the atrocious large screen billboards, which today are often TV screens. Plus a lot of standard neon and flashing lights.

They are building a super-tall ugly residential building at 432 Park Ave. This is the result of changed zoning laws. Stupid mistake in my opinion. May we protect our Israeli skylines from such pollution.


On the positive side, many lovely buildings. Many good, normal people working, living, visiting.

Central Park is still great.




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