On the plane

14 Av 5775 Jer.

Had lovely visit in NJ with family. Flew back on El Al. The plane was named Sderot, which I hoped would not encourage anyone to shoot at us. I had three seats to myself and felt like I was in business class. There was an Arab family from NJ going to Israel to visit their family. They looked like good Americans. In the evening after my arrival back I was in the supermarket and saw three Arab women, also speaking perfect American English, evidently also visiting. These American Arab visitors gave me a good feeling, they had the good qualities of both Arabs and Americans, I felt.

On the plane I usually try not to watch any movies, but sometimes I get interested in something on someone else’s screen. That happened too this time. I ended up watching a good part of Woman in Gold, about a Jewish woman from Vienna’s legal battle to recover her family’s looted artwork, stolen by the Nazis. Also watched the latter part of Notebook, with Jim Garner and others, which dealt with the theme of elderly memory loss in a unique way. It was a good film too and was pungent as our family had just been dealing a lot during my visit with helping one of our relatives deal with similar issues. I watched it over the shoulder of the woman in the row in front of me, just reading the subtitles in Hebrew. I wouldn’t want people to see me actually watching it on my own screen!

And did I tell you we had a great view of Manhattan after taking off from Newark? Central Park and everything.


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