The Price of Unprofessional Policing

27 Av 5775 Jerusalem

Chanoch Ne’eman

Two recent events have again again underscored the price we pay for failing to reform our Police.

  1. The tragedy with the murder at the Parade in Jerusalem. This reflects on the professionality of both the Police and the jail system to which it is organically connected. Call it “Rosh Katan” done large. (Rosh Katan is a Hebrew phrase meaning literally “small head”, but means colloquially: an un-creative, obsequious attitude.) They let a fellow, who attacked the parade ten years before, out of jail three weeks before another parade, and then do not monitor him.
  2. The murders and terrorism in Yehuda and Shomron. The Police are barely active in our major cities. In Arab neighborhoods they don’t go. In Yehuda and Shomron they make rare appearances. And so we have firebombs and car rammings and unsafe roads. If the fire in the Arab home was done by Jews, it reflects the sense of abandonment by the Jewish residents who are plying their roads in fear, though it is of course wrong.  When “The Law” is absent you get a Wild West. Where is the Sheriff?

These are the Zionist challenges of today – to make a real Police Force.



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