Back to Israel

Isru Hag, 23 Tishri 5776 Jerusalem

Came back to Israel on Yom Shishi. Took the El Al flight 28 from Newark to Tel Aviv. The 27 goes in the other direction. How can one remember that the 28 is the to Israel direction? Remember the concept of maalim b’kedusha, going up in holiness, and that 28 is more than 27.

Sat next to a brother and sister who were also returning to Israel after visiting their parents in NY, so I felt in good company. It is always hard to leave my family, especially this time when my Mom was not feeling well.

Landed in Lod at around 7:05 am. As we walked off the plane into the glassed walled hallways, we could see Tel Aviv in the distance and in the other direction, the rising hills draped in morning clouds. I made my usual stop in the bathroom before you walk over the concourse area. In the foyer outside the bathroom is a sink with a washing cup. It is a great country – it has a washing cup (Natlan).

We had shabbat, then Hoshana Rabba, and yesterday Simchat Torah. I need to work to improve my courage with women. I need to be able to walk up to them and introduce myself. There were at least three opportunities over the last three days where introducing myself would have been appropriate. On Shabbos afternoon, walking back from the Packs, a sweet girl sitting with her friend on the bench on Rachel Imenu Street gave me a warm “Shabbat Shalom” along with the sweetest smile in the world, and I just managed to respond in kind but did not stop, or go back and introduce myself. Granted I was quite jet-lagged, having missed nearly all Thur. night’s sleep, but that is still not acceptable. It was a great opportunity I missed. I want to change this about myself.



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