Civil Rights and Deterrence

17 Tevet 5776  Chanoch Ne’eman

I asked students at the law school what steps they felt could be taken to create more deterrence against terror attacks. Here are some of their ideas:

  • destroy entire building in Arab city, such as Ramallah, for every attack.
  • don’t give food to security prisoners in our jails for three days after each attack (just give minimal water).
  • hold mayor and city council of town where attacker came from in jail for 120 days after each attack.
  • Arrest family of terrorist and keep them in permanent detention facility. In certain cases allow and assist them to immigrate abroad, without permission to visit or return.

Of these, I thought the last the most practical. What do you think?

Most of the law students added, rightly I believe, that as Israel prides itself on equal civil rights, whatever method we choose should be applied equally to Jews and Arabs.


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