Knesset Self-Promotion

2 Shevat 5776 Jerusalem Hanoch Ne’eman (c)

In the eighties, the Catholic Church in America hired a well known Public Relations firm, to promote its doctrines among the public. Saul Bellow at the time commented that evidently the Church felt that their teachings no longer stood on their own, and had to be “marketed” to the public.

I thought similarly recently when I read that the Knesset had budgeted some hundreds of thousands of shekels for advertising to “educate” the Public about the important work the Knesset does.

Isn’t that sort of like the Egyptian magicians in the Exodus story, who said they could turn water into blood too, but first they had to buy some water from the Hebrews?

Meaning, is it not sort of self-contradicting? If the Knesset was doing something so important, wouldn’t the People know about it?

Is the US Congress advertising its achievements?



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