Crossing Town

5 Shevat 5776 Jerusalem Hanoch Ne’eman (c)

Riding the bus to the University five days a week this year has brought me in closer connection with Jerusalem. Before this year, when I was just working in my small landscaping business in my part of southern Jerusalem (Baka, Katamon), I rarely rode the buses. I saw the same streets, and avoided the more congested ones when I could.

Now as I take the 34 line from near my home to all the way to Mt. Scopus, I pass through several neighborhoods, including the center of town, Jewish religious neighborhoods, and Arab areas.

I feel like Walt Whitman waving his arms as he careens down a city street perched on a streetcar. I feel more connected with all the people in this city. The kids going to school, the elderly going to the store, the mothers with their children in tow or carriages. Many of them I feel affection for and very connected to. Some repulse me, like those who put their feet up on the bus seat opposite them. But for good or bad, commuting on an intracity bus connects me more to the fibre of the city.



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