Israel Security Wall

7 Shevat 5776  Jerusalem Hanoch Ne’eman (c)

It still baffles me that our country has built this giant security fence. It is true that Columbia University is surrounded by a wall, being located in the neighborhood of Harlem, but that campus takes up just a few city blocks. I don’t feel that walls should be used as a security device within a country. Perhaps, as a last resort, they can be used on a border with another country. I say last resort because if countries are friendly, its better not to need a fence, as they block animals as well as people.

However, I object to use of walls within a country for other reasons. Public security should be attained by means of deterrence, not avoidance. Since science requires isolation of variables in order to test conclusions, we can not be certain what the effect of the wall was or is on terrorism. Building a wall is similar to the policy of building a bypass road around a place where they are attacking drivers. Better to treat the problem, not avoid it. It’s like getting false teeth as your teeth decay from poor dental hygiene, instead of trying to brush more. Like false teeth, the security wall is both ugly and expensive.

I believe various Israeli leaders did intend the fence to be a border, and that their statements show that. Ehud Barak campaigned with the slogan, “Us here, them there.” He later said Israel should withdraw to behind the wall.

I find the wall used to advance this short-sighted policy of non-integration. Like the medieval castle, the security wall symbolizes for me a non-integrated, low production feudal system and mindset.



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