25 Shevat 5776 Scottsdale AZ Chanoch Ne’eman (c)

My Father and I went a bit up Camelback Mountain this afternoon. It’s fun to try to jog run going up or down. Fell once. As soon as you go a little up you have a great view of the whole valley. I know this is what the Negev will look like too in the future. The cool weather here made for excellent hike conditions.

Working on my papers for school too. That is such and important skill for me – being able to integrate the desk work and some outdoor activity or exercise. The lack of that skill contributed to me to me leaving law school during my first year years ago. Also living in Manhattan was part of that stress out. All the respect to those who are able to do that. It can be done. It is a big challenge.

Camelback Mountain 2


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