Police are supposed to Police (!)

13 Adar 1, 5776  Hanoch Ne’eman, Jerusalem

It was very difficult for me last week to read of the appearance of the head of the Israeli Police Traffic Control Unit at a Knesset Commitee. He was talking of the seemingly  improper actions of the driver of the 402 bus which crashed last Sunday night, killing 6 passengers, including a young married woman who was the daughter of a Rabbi I know and who I remember from when she was a young girl when I was privileged to be a shabbos guest by her parents.

The Police officer talked to the “hard working” and ineffective Knesset committee about all the bad actions of the driver. I ask you Mr. Traffic Control: where are the Police on Highway One? Why do bus drivers drive like that there? Where are the Police to nab bad drivers and get them off the roads? We, who ride buses, have seen bus drivers do similar dangerous things. I, for one, have not seen the Police nabbing them.

Israeli Police: when it comes to traffic control – you are a joke. Police in English means to tour around making sure things are safe. Time for you to learn that and do that.

I hope the Traffic Contol head enjoyed his opportunity to speak at the Knesset and eat some free donuts. He was certainly not out on the roads at that time, and I would like to know how many tickets the Police gave that same day.




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