Spare Citizens?

14 Adar 1 5776 Jerusalem Chanoch Ne’eman (c)

On Thursday in an Israeli supermarket, shoppers were attacked by two knife wielding fourteen year old Arab boys. One young Jewish man was killed by them. He was a twenty one year old husband and father from a nearby Jewish town. He was serving in the IDF. He held Israeli and American citizenship. Another Jewish man was seriously wounded, and many others stabbed.

Is that alright with everyone? Can you spare that fellow who was killed? Have you enough other citizens to replace him?

I cannot spare him. I needed him here alive with us.

Is this an isolated incident? No.

The supermarket said, “We had tight security!”

My friends, if you do not know, you are not supposed to need security at a supermarket. Nor at a post office, or a shopping mall, or a cafe.

That is not Normal.

If your country is like that, something is wrong.

I lived in America for many years, and never saw a guard at a supermarket.

Is it normal for fourteen year olds to kill fellow shoppers?

Is such a country creating proper deterrence? Is such a people loving themselves properly and taking care of themselves properly?






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