Brosh HaBikah

21 Adar 1, 5776 Jerusalem Hanoch Ne’eman

This past shabbat I spent on  small settlement in the Jordan Valley, right off of Route 90.

I stayed in a truck which was turned into a home. It had a nice porch too. There were a cow and a horse which wandered around the yishuv. There was less than a minyan of folks for a minyan. There may have been 10 fellows with all the guests, but some of the locals were riding motorcycles or chopping wood on shabbat, and would probably not help with the minyan.

There were some old buildings that served the Jordanian army.

This place was not only in the “West Bank”, but you could see the banks of the Jordan from here.

The Jordanians have a lot of farms on the other side, in the valley before the giant mountains of Jordan loom up.

My hosts also built their home themselves. There were only a handful of working toilets on the yishuv.

Another family was visiting too, the husband recognized me from Machon Meir fifteen years ago. All these folks are second generation people from moshavim and yishuvim.

I heard some footsteps walking near my truck-home at night. Lifting the curtain at the window, I saw the cow sticking his head in a plastic can.

 this is an old photo; there are a few more cottages there now, plus the truck home I stayed in. I don’t want you folks to think this place is tiny or something.




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