Loud Music and Violence

7th Sivan 5776 Jerusalem Chanoch Ne’eman

On Jerusalem Day last week, I was walking through the Liberty Bell Park with someone, in the evening. The park was filled with a lot of Jewish youth from around the country who come to the city for the holiday. As we were walking we suddenly heard loud arab music. Passing us quickly were 3 or four Arab teenagers, one of them carrying a small device with the music. Soon after, and when they were still close to us, one of them smashed his hand against a metal sign or fence, making a loud noise and frightening my companion. The Arab youth continued on their way with their music and went  towards the exit and toward Silwan I assume, from where many Arabs often come up to the park.

It reminded me of the two young arabs who pulled up in front of my building several weeks ago, car radio blasting arab music extremely loud. This was the day of the bus bombing here in our neighborhood, which occurred two and a half hours later. One gets out with a duffle bag which he puts on his right shoulder, I see it has a rectangular shaped box protruding in it. He looks like the kid whose picture appeared in the papers later in the week as the bomber.

I went to the police after I saw his picture in the paper to tell them my story. They wrote it down. To my question if they could tell me if and when they check the cameras by our intersection (I gave them the time to within 15 minutes), they said no. They said all the reports are forwarded to the officer in charge of the case, they would get to them in maybe two weeks, maybe six months. That is what they said to me.

Do you understand why we need to reform our police?

Regarding the loud music and violence, I do not think it arbitrary to say that there are implications for the muzziens we hear around our land as well.





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