Crime and Confusion

15 Sivan 5776 Hanoch Ne’eman Israeli Occupied Baka

Last week there was a terrible hate crime in Orlando, Florida. Not surprisingly for those who have studied the psychology of hate, the murderer of patrons of the gay bar was someone with latent gay tendencies as well.

Have you read Ted Rubin’s book, Anti-Semitism: A Disease of the Mind?

There you will learn much about how most hatreds are symbol sicknesses; the hater projects that what he hates and fears in himself onto a symbol, the other.

It is not surprising that so many of the leading Nazis were homosexuals or bisexuals. To escape one’s own gender confusion, one seeks to obliterate the symbol of the confusion and self-doubt.

We need to be more aware of mental illness in order to treat those with it. Only that will prevent “terrorism” like this, not gun laws.

All the terrorism in the world is the same. It is done in the name of a cause, like this Orlando lunatic who “pledged” allegiance to Islamic State, but that is always a cover for the true personal problems. It is the same with all the “terrorists” here in “Palestine”.






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