cold Turkey

8 Tammuz 5776 Hanoch Ne’eman, Jerusalem

Our PM announced from Rome two weeks ago renewal of diplomatic relations with Turkey.

How many people in the government made this decision is not clear, our policies about these things are, as is known, quite autocratic. Maybe two or three people decided. Here in Israel the “govt.” both makes and ratifies treaties. Basically, the PM decides on his own. It is one of those problems with our system which we have to fix.

Was it right? The sales pitch is, if we sell gas to Turkey, that increases regional stability. Of course this is similar to the reason the Europeans and Americans gave for ending sanctions on Iran: if we do business with them, it will create stability.

I do not deny there is some logic to that, but I do not agree with it.

I think those who sleep in or near the turkey pen are going to wake up smelling bad.

Beilin and Peres were trying for years to get us to buy water from the Turks, remember? Then the 2010 Flotilla incident convinced us that was the proverbial (and literal) “pipe dream”, which we abandoned and went forward, Baruch Hashem, on desalination plants, and now we are water independant.

Thank goodness for the goyim who Hashem sends to save us from ourselves.

Th PM ran off right after to Africa to avoid criticism, but I will give mine anyway:

As a gardener, I learned you have to choose your customers carefully. The Turks can find their gas elsewhere. Tell me, does it promote stability that we provide electricity, water, and food to Gaza??

I don’t want the Turks business, or their flotillas.

I predict this arrangement will not last five years and will end up costing us heavily in lost infrastructure investments and litigation costs.

Let us strengthen our democracy and take decisions out of a few birds’ talons.






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