Modesty in Dress

21 Tammuz 5776, Hanoch Ne’eman, Jerusalem

Dressing modestly – what’s the deal?

All people have sexual feelings, including children. Most people are attracted to the opposite gender, some to the same gender, but they all have these feelings. Seeing parts of the body, or their shape, can engender sexual feelings.

When you dress modestly, you respect others’ right not to have sexual feelings aroused by you. Why should they have sexual feelings aroused by you? Is there any purpose to that? Hopefully not. For each person, there is only one person in the world for which there is any point in having their sexual feelings aroused; namely their spouse.

For anyone else – it’s just stirring up problems; like shaking up asbestos insulation unnecessarily. For those of us who like to keep those feelings special, their improper use is disheartening, even Pukeville.

Unfortunately, there are many low-esteem, immature people in the world, whose self-image is based on their ability to arouse sexual feelings in strangers. Others, perhaps less concerned with that, are unaware of the issues, and simply dress in the way most comfortable for them. It takes education to be refined. Coarseness is more natural.

Sexual attraction is a gift from Above, intended to strengthen the marriage bond. Using it for other purposes, such as to sell something, or get attention from people around you, is a misuse of the gift.

Do you want to be among the mature and refined, or the obtuse and coarse? Think about it.






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