bad education

14 Av 5776 Hanoch Ne’eman, Israel

A young Jerusalem mother told me she wants to switch her daughter to a different gan. Why? Because they foster gender roles, she said. When playing shabbat, they have the girls light candles and the boys say kiddush. I told her I did not think gender roles were bad or that it was a problem in this case. She said she wants her daughter to know she can make kiddush too. Okay, fair enough point.

Then she said something that bothered me, namely that the children are encouraged to throw their garbage simply on the floor of the gan, because, they are told, “there is someone who will clean it up” (the janitor I presume). Therefore the floor of the gan is littered with garbage.

It seems a good number of Jerusalemites must have attended this same city-funded gan, as our streets are similarly littered with refuse!

“THAT” I told her, “IS a good reason to switch gans, THAT is bad education!”



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