Jerusalem Ocean

18 of Av, 5776 Hanoch Ne’eman, Israel

Of course there is no ocean in Jerusalem. Even if one ascends Mt. Scopus, you see only the Salt Sea, to the east, but not the Mediterranean.

But I felt the Ocean when I prepared for Shabbat on yom shishi. I am vegetarian. The only allowance to omnivorousness I make is making fish for shabbat, mostly for the sake of my guests.

I buy, for example, some fillet of sole, frozen in the bag, at the super. Yom shishi I put it into a plastic tub with water to defrost. When I open it, my kitchen smells like fish. The nose knows; I sense the ocean. It takes me to City Island in the Bronx, Long Island Sound, the Atlantic, Block Island, the Jersey Shore, Barnegat Bay, South Street Seaport, the Fulton Fish Market, the Port in Tel Aviv, and Eilat.

How potent the associations aroused by smell! One bag of fish and I am on the beach, right here in Baka.





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