Peres, Rabin, and Amir

6th of Tishri 5777  Hanoch Ne’eman Jerusalem

Over the years, as more information came to light, I came to believe that Yigal Amir shot blank bullets. Rabin entered his limo uninjured, but soon after went into pulmonary arrest (stopped breathing), as the result of shock waves from the blanks. Later that night, as part of the cover up, three bullets were fired into Rabin’s dead body.
The assassination was planned by the Labor Party leaders themselves, an assassination attempt which was supposed to fail and thereby garner support for Rabin. However, the plan went wrong, and Rabin actually died. What bad luck!
Those ready to accept the Shamgar Report should try answering these questions:
1) Why did Leah Rabin’s guards tell her that Rabin was alright, it was not real, and he is in the car behind them, as she recounts in her book, “Rabin: His Life, Our Legacy”?
2) Why did everyone say on the night of the murder that Rabin was shot with three bullets, including a chest wound?
3) Why was the assassination filmed by someone who worked for the State Comptroller’s Office?
4) How did Shabak agent Yoav Kuriel die soon after the assassination?
5) Why did the Labor Party not mention the assassination at all in its election campaign some months later?
6) Why did bodyguard Yoram Rubin say Rabin helped to jump into the car, if Rabin was indeed then already shot in the spine as the Shamgar Report said?
7) What is the value of a confession?
Here are some possible answers:
1) The guards were told in advance there was going to be a fake attempt. This is also why they did not fire on Amir, as protocol would dictate. Leah’s guards did not know Rabin was hurt because he only stopped breathing after they got into the cars. Leah’s car probably drove past Yitzchak’s when his pulled over when he stopped breathing.
2) Rabin was shot with three bullets, including one to the chest. There is no way so many doctors, including the hospital director, and the Minister of Health, who was also a former combat doctor, all of whom were in the operating room, could have been mistaken about that. But since the Kemplar film showed Amir only firing from behind, the third shot had to be later denied.
3) The State Comptroller’s Office sent someone to exclusively film the place where the so called assassination took place because they were informed that such a fake assassination might be attempted and people on the Right made sure it was filmed so the bluff could be called. This is adumbrated in Yitzchak Shamir’s call to a right wing MK a month before the assassination with the warning, “They are going to try another Arlozorov”.
4) I do not know who killed Kuriel, but I suspect it was not himself.
5) Labor and Likud cut a deal to cover up the fiasco. Likud told Labor that if Labor mentions the murder in the election, Likud will talk about what really happened. Hundreds of people must have known something fishy happened. I have heard through friends such reports, that the story is not as it seems.
6) Rabin was fine seconds after the shooting, with no bullets in him. The pulmonary arrest started later, in the car. No blood was found at scene.
7) According to Jewish Law, confession is accepted in monetary matters, but is meaningless in capital crimes.


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